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You can use this setting to target or exclude the different languages and locales that your application supports, such as creating notifications that are tailored for different time zones or languages.

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App Store and Google Play. Some details of the notification appear only in the expanded view. Because the token could be rotated after initial startup, you are strongly recommended to retrieve the latest updated registration token.

Understanding how Firebase and Firebase Cloud Messaging Platform can help developers to build apps, grow by engaging their user base and monetize using ads.

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Contains details of the error received.

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Here, as soon as we send the message, we receive a push notification in the notification bar of the device. API to specify a condition, and deliver this message to the requested segment.

The Docebo Learning Management System supports both of these standards.

Based on the following references. The client app transmits the sender ID, API Key, and App ID to FCM. All of the basic steps have now been followed and, if done so correctly, you will now be able to create a push notification for Android.