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Oct 9 2013 One Direction Best Song Ever PARODY I love Bart Baker's parodies lol Yes he makes fun of 1D but they're parodies for a reason xD Mazzi Maz. YouTube's Parody King An Interview With Bart Baker HuffPost. I am free I'm free from One Direction free to make songs about my erection I dyed my hair blonde and I'm wearing leather I do what I want unlike back when.

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Who is Cash Baker Cash Baker is a 17 years old famous pop singer The peer-to-peer mobile payment service lets users transfer money to one another using a. The chronological order of Bart Baker parodies kieranstark.

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Bart Baker Pillowtalk Parody I am free I'm free from One Direction free to make songs about my erection I dyed my hair blonde and I'm wearing leather. Parody Bart Baker Takes Aim At Taylor Swift Diva Devotee.

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