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Hence the great debates about federal versus state authority over the militia, the dangers of standing armies, and the usefulness of private arms in deterring tyranny. That meant the case would be heard in December by a Supreme Court that included two justices appointed by President Donald Trump with demonstrated tendencies to take the Second Amendment seriously.

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Unfortunately, the author has not addressed the effects on state gun control laws by the aggressive NRA preemptive bills.

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In each case, the Constitution expressly protects a liberty that needs to be insulated from the ordinary political process.

In seeking to answer that question, the analysis in this Article suggests some important truths about constitutional rights more generally.

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Most accounts of substantive in nature: they tell us to obey the Constitution because of the Constitution commands.

In the course of human history, the abuse of authority by men through the arm of the state is not an uncommon event.

Each group has a distinctive perspective on the nature of their own distinctive communal history and what it has meant.

School safety has traditionally been the responsibility of state and local government, but these violent acts caused Congress to consider what role the federal government could play.

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Proponents of this argument seek to convince the public that the framers of the Constitution never intended to give the people an individual right to keep and bear arms.

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During the Empire State Building shooting, it is believed that police officers fired shots at the accused shooter and accidentally wounded nine bystanders.

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Inaddition, many states have adopted legislation liberalizing the carrying ofconcealed weapons, and state courts have become more active in enforcing theright to bear arms under state constitutional and statutory provisions.

The Supreme Court seeks to extrapolate fundamental meaning from a secular equivalent in a civil setting with the goal of administering and preserving justice.

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